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Product Specifications

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Automated Testing

TTCN and Custom Test Systems
EDI can help in the definition, implementation, and automation of your testing needs.

Test Tools

GR-303 EOC and TMC simulator and analyzer.

GEM-V5TTCN is a protocol tester for ensuring Local Exchange (LE) and Access Network (AN) conformance to the ETSI V5 series of documents.

GEM-Lightning is an affordable hand-held BERT tester that can be expanded to support protocol analysis using a Pocket-PC or a GEM-Analyze GUI running on a laptop.


Windows based multi protocol DS1 protocol analyzer.

Teletraffic Cop SS7
Integrates GEM-Analyze and MySQL into a revenue assurance system.

Protocol Stacks

GR-303 Express
The GR-303 Express (GEM-X) is an integrated software product suite that builds upon EDI Enterprises' popular GEM product.

V5 Express
The V5 Express (V5-X) is an integrated product suite that provides a complete implementation of the ETSI V5.1 and V5.2 protocols.

TR-08 Express
TR-08 Express (TR8-X) is protocol software for implementing the TR-08 data link in a switch or remote terminal.

ISDN Express
The ISDN Express (ISD-X) is an integrated product suite that provides a complete implementation of the ISDN protocol.

The Generic Express Module CALEA(GEM-CALEA) is a software product that implements the ASN.1 messages used across the J-STD-025 call data channel (CDC).